„May God forgive the disgrace of the Serbian government“


Original articles: Colonel Cassad &  KM Novine
Translation by Alexander Fedotov (with thanks to Milos Lazarevic) / Editing by @GBabeuf

Preamble: The interview below is taken from Colonel Cassad. However, the material at Cassad is a translation into Russian of a Serbian language original from KM Novine. The opening paragraph and the final sentence are comments from Colonel Cassad, the remainder of the text is the interview conducted by the Serbian news agency. Our translation made use of both these versions, which contain slight variations between them.

Dejan Berić: it is in our blood to fight injustice

An excellent interview with the Serbian sniper, Dejan Berić, who since the summer has been actively engaged in fighting for the Novorossiya Army against Ukrainian fascists. In autumn, as there was no information about him, many people were worried that Dejan might have been killed; however, he is still alive and healthy, and…

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